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Established in ’96
Opened in 1996 in Vancouver Wa. Specializing in custom original works of art on the skin. We love to collaborate with our clients to get more in tune with what they want on there body for life. We prefer to work with our clients in the designing process, to make the best tattoo for you.


Award Winning Tattoo Artists
Our artist are highly experienced and award winning. We take pride in our work & love a challenge. Bring us your ideas and we will create what is on your mind.

Specializing in All styles
We specialize in all styles of tattooing. Our artists are well rounded and flexible to do anything. With experience and skill, we will execute the tattoo you want. Just check out our artists portfolio and choose the artist of your liking. Or ask us and we can find the best fit for you.
Our tattoo studio

In our Studio, we have invited artists to reveal their talent, for an ode to creativity.

Opened in 1996 in Vancouver Wa. At DarkStar we specialize in custom and original artwork made into a beautiful tattoo to decorate the body. Placement and design is a very important part of the tattoo process. We want you to be very involved with this part because it is only fair since you will be the wearer of this artwork for life.

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25 years of experience

I knew I wanted to be a tattoo artist by age 12. I started tattooing when I was about 16 ...


25 + years of experience

Custom tattoo artist with over 25 years experience with a BFA in drawing and illustration ...

Pretty Tony

20 years experience

Professional Tattooer since the year 2000. Graffiti artist, lettering lover, color bomber, specialist in neo-traditional tattoos ...


13 years experience

Tamding Tsetan was born in a small village in Amdo, Tibet. He spent his childhood period as a nomad instead of attending school due to lack of resources ...


2 years experience

Tattooing for 2 years and creating art for over 15. I love to do line-intensive black & grey realism work with pepper shading & stippling ...


Artist 3 years.

Maria Armstrong

Tattooing since 2020

Tattooing since 2020 Enjoys black and grey work/ Neotraditional and custom designs/ fine line work

We love creative tatoo
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