Tamding Tsetan was born in a small village in Amdo, Tibet. He spent his childhood period as a nomad instead of attending school due to lack of resources. However, this is how his love of art began. Since a small age, he was naturally interested in drawing, painting and music, although he wasn’t trained formally. He had always dreamt about becoming an artist, so he made a decision to escape Tibet, which he did in 2002, which was 43 days of walking a long journey across the Himalayan Mountains. Over the next few years he managed to learn the language of his new home in India, get a formal education as a musician, modern art, and as well as specializing in Classical Tibetan Art.

He started professionally tattooing in 2006, starting in Dharamsala, home of the Dalai Lama in Northern India. He has been tattooing in the USA since 2014.

He was the First Tibetan Tattoo Artist and has taught many Tibetans the art form of tattooing as well. He has been featured in the magazine “Total Tattoo magazine” in UK 2012, at the same time his Tattoo art was selected in a famous Tattoo magazine called “Taetowiermagazine” in Germany. He is also the owner of Tibetan Tattoo Ink, which can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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